Science / Astrology / Elongation: The distance of a planet from the Sun, as viewed from Earth. The maximum elongation for the inferior planets is 28° for Mercury, and 48° for Venus. Mercury can therefore only form a conjunction and semi-sextile to the Sun; Venus can onlly form a conjunction, semi-sextile, or semi-square to the Sun. Aphelion is the maximum elongation of a planet, while perihelion is the minimum elongation of a planet. See also aphelion, perihelion.

Region Of Elongation

Science / Biology / Region Of Elongation: The area in the tip of a plant root where cells grow by elongating, thereby increasing the length of the root. MORE

Zone Of Elongation

Science / Biology / Zone Of Elongation: Area in plant roots where recently produced cells grow and elongate prior to differentiation. MORE

Elastic Limit

Science / Geology / Elastic Limit: The maximum stress that can be applied to a body without resulting in permanent deformation - the rock reverts to its original shape after the stress is removed. In the case of a fault or a fold the e MORE