Science / Astrology / Ephemeris: An almanac which lists the Zodiacal positions of the Planets and other astronomical data for a given time period. Plural is ephemerides.

Midnight Ephemeris

Science / Astrology / Midnight Ephemeris: An ephemeris that lists astrological data exact at the beginning of the day, 12:00 A.M. Also called zero hour ephemeris (12:00 A.M. = 00:00:00). See also ephemeris. MORE

Ephemeris (Plural: Ephemerides)

Science / Astrology / Ephemeris (Plural: Ephemerides): An almanac that lists the zodiacal positions of the planets and other astronomical data. MORE

Equation Of Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Equation Of Time: Difference between mean and apparent time. From the beginning of the year until near the middle of April, mean time is ahead of apparent time, the difference reaching a maximum of about 15 minutes ne MORE

Direct Motion

Science / Astrology / Direct Motion: Motion that follows the natural order of signs. Proceeding in the order of the signs. In the Ephemeris, the beginning of direct motion after a period of retrograde motion, is marked by the letter D. MORE

Adjusted Calculation Date

Science / Astrology / Adjusted Calculation Date: The day on which the planetary position shown in an Ephemeris coincide with the progressed positions of the planets. The adjusted calculation date (also called the artificial birthday) remains the sam MORE

Astronomical Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Astronomical Time: Time formerly used in astronomical calculations in which the day began at noon rather than midnight. The astronomical day commenced at noon of the civil day of the same date. The hours of the day were MORE