Event Chart

Science / Astrology / Event Chart: A horoscope drawn up according to the date, time and location of a particular happening, interpreted to gain insight into influences surrounding the event and an outlook for possible developments stemming from that event.

Other Words for Chart

Chart Noun Synonyms: sea-chart, map
Chart Verb Synonyms: plot, plan, map (out), design

Other Words for Event

Event Noun Synonyms: issue, outcome, consequence, result, conclusion, upshot, end, effect
Event Verb Synonyms: occurrence, happening, incident, episode, occasion, circumstance, affair, experience

Preventive Dentistry

Health / Dentistry / Preventive Dentistry: Education and treatment devoted to and concerned with preventing the development of dental disease. MORE

Preventive Care

Health / Dentistry / Preventive Care: Medical and dental services aimed at early detection and intervention. MORE


Health / Disease / Prevention: Actions that reduce exposure or other risks, keep people from getting sick, or keep disease from getting worse. MORE

Preventive Maintenance

Business / Real Estate / Preventive Maintenance: Includes regularly scheduled activities such as painting and seasonal servicing of appliances and systems. Preventive maintenance preserves the long-range value and physical integrity of the building. MORE

Preventive Treatment

Health / Dentistry / Preventive Treatment: Any action taken by the patient, assisted by the dentist, hygienist, and the office staff that serves to prevent dental or other disease. Sealants, cleanings and space maintainers are examples of prev MORE

Prognostic Chart

Science / Weather / Prognostic Chart: A chart of forecast predictions that may include pressure, fronts. precipitation, temperature, and other meteorological elements. Also known as a prog. MORE