Exoteric Astrology

Science / Astrology / Exoteric Astrology: Any branch of astrology that studies observable events and characteristics such as natal astrology, mundane astrology, etc., as distinguished from esoteric astrology, which studies the unknown or occult aspects of humanity.

Esoteric Astrology

Science / Astrology / Esoteric Astrology: A study that deals with the human spirit and hidden nature as opposed to exoteric astrology, which deals with human characteristics and life on Earth. Reincarnation, karma, the aura, one's reason for MORE

Natal Astrology

Science / Astrology / Natal Astrology: The branch of astrology dealing with the individual. The horoscope cast for the birth time of the individual, showing life potentials, is called a natal horoscope, geniture, radix, or nativity. MORE

Mundane Astrology

Science / Astrology / Mundane Astrology: That branch of astrology that deals with world events and universal trends rather than the individual. MORE

Meteorological Astrology (Astro-Meteorology)

Science / Astrology / Meteorological Astrology (Astro-Meteorology): The use of astrology for forecasting the weather conditions, earthquakes, and severe storms. Also called natural astrology. MORE

Natural Astrology

Science / Astrology / Natural Astrology: See Meteorological astrology. MORE

Sidereal Astrology

Science / Astrology / Sidereal Astrology: An astrological system based upon the constellations, not the tropical zodiac. MORE