Science / Astrology / Fall: The sign opposite a planet's sign of exaltation; a planet in 'fall' is debilitated or weakened.

Other Words for Fall

Fall Adjective Synonyms: tumble, trip, stumble, slump, collapse, keel over, topple, crumple
Fall Verb Synonyms: diminish, (become) lower, sink, decline, fall or drop off, drop, decrease, dwindle, subside, come or go down
Fall Noun Synonyms: descend, sink, subside, settle, drop or come (down), plummet, plunge, dive, (take a) nosedive, cascade

Reversing Falls

Science / Tides and Currents / Reversing Falls: A name applied to falls which flow alternately in opposite directions in a narrow channel in the St. John River above the city of St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, the phenomenon being due to the large MORE


Science / Weather / Snowfall: The rate at which snow falls, usually expressed in inches of snow depth over a six hour period. MORE

Fall Off

Entertainment / Bowling / Fall Off: Describes either (1) a player losing their balance at the release and they lose their balance off to the side; (2) the act of the ball coming off your hand too quickly, resulting in a very errant or w MORE

Summer Fallow

Business / Agriculture / Summer Fallow: Cropland in semi-arid regions that is purposely kept out of production during a cropping season mainly to conserve moisture for the next season. It is common for wheat producers in semi-arid regions t MORE

Shortfall Risk

Business / Finance / Shortfall Risk: Costs that fall with increases in the level of investment in current assets. MORE

Duration Of Rise And Duration Of Fall

Science / Tides and Currents / Duration Of Rise And Duration Of Fall: Duration of rise is the interval from low water to high water, and duration of fall is the interval from high water to low water. Together they cover, on an average, a period of 12.42 hours for a semi MORE