Science / Astrology / Familiarity: Any kind of aspect or reception between two planets.

Other Words for Familiarity

Familiarity Noun Synonyms: boldness, presumptuousness, overfamiliarity, presumption, impudence, insolence, impertinence, impropriety
Familiarity Adjective Synonyms: knowledge, acquaintance(ship), grasp, understanding, comprehension, cognizance, awareness, conversance, experience


Life Style / Poetry / Palindromes: Thomas blount's english dictionary (1656) explains that 'palindromes (gr.) Are those sentences or verses, where the syllables are the same backward as forward. As a noble lady in queen elizabeths time MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Euphuism: Not to be confused with euphemism, above, euphuism is a highly ornate style of writing popularized by John Lyly's Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit (1578). The style is sententious, relies heavily on balanc MORE

Eye Rhyme

Entertainment / Literature / Eye Rhyme: Rhyming words that seem to rhyme when written down as text because parts of them are spelled identically, but which are pronounced differently from each other in modern English. Examples include forth MORE

Home Field Advantage

Entertainment / Football / Home Field Advantage: The benefit a team gets by playing games in the area where it is based, due to fan support, familiarity with its surroundings and the lack of required travel. MORE