Focal Point

Science / Astrology / Focal Point: Any point in a horoscope where several influences converge or disperse, such as the position of the squared planet in a T-square formation, the action point in a yod, the handle of a bucket, etc. See also T-square.

Other Words for Focal

Focal Noun Synonyms: central, focused, concentrated, convergent, centred, centralized

Other Words for Point

Point Adjective Synonyms: dot, mark, speck, (full) stop, period, decimal point
Point Noun Synonyms: spot, place, stage, position, site, station, location, locale

Hyperfocal Point

Entertainment / Photography / Hyperfocal Point: Nearest point to the camera which is considered acceptably sharp when the lens is focused on infinity. When a lens is focused on the hyperfocal point, depth of field extends from a distance halfway be MORE

Hyperfocal Distance

Entertainment / Photography / Hyperfocal Distance: Distance between the camera and the hyperfocal point. MORE

Focal Plane

Entertainment / Photography / Focal Plane: Imaginary line perpendicular to the optical axis which passes through the focal point. It forms the plane of sharp focus when the lens is set at infinity MORE

Focal Length

Technology / Digital Cameras / Focal Length: Focal length is a measure of the distance (in millimeters) from the optical center of a camera's lens to its focal point, which is located on the image sensor. Because digital cameras' focal lengths a MORE

Point Source Epidemic

Health / Disease / Point Source Epidemic: A point source epidemic occurs when a group of people is exposed to a single common source of infection at a single place and time. There is no significant transmission between individuals. cf. contin MORE

Point Source Lamp

Entertainment / Photography / Point Source Lamp: Arc type lamp producing light from a small gap between two carbon rods. MORE