Science / Astrology / Fortunes: Another term for the benific planets. See benefic.

Other Words for Fortunes

Fortunes Noun Synonyms: circumstance(s), experience(s), adventures, expectation(s), lot


Science / Astrology / Infortunes: Another term for malefics. See malefic. MORE


Business / Taxes / Bellwether: A market bellwether is a security whose changing price is considered a signal that the market is changing direction. It gets its name from the wether, or castrated ram, that walks at the head of a she MORE

Value Stock

Business / Taxes / Value Stock: Value stocks, also known as undervalued stocks, trade at a lower price than the company's reputation, earnings outlook, or financial situation would seem to merit. Investors who seek them out expect t MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Tragedy: A serious play in which the chief character, by some peculiarity of psychology, passes through a series of misfortunes leading to a final, devastating catastrophe. According to Aristotle, catharsis is MORE

Pen Name

Entertainment / Literature / Pen Name: Another term for nom de plume. The word indicates a fictitious name that a writer employs to conceal his or her identity. For example, Samuel Clemens used the pen name 'Mark Twain.' William Sydney Por MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Primogeniture: The late medieval custom of allowing the first born legitimate male child to inherit all of his father's properties, estates, wealth, and titles upon the father's death. Primogeniture was a key issue MORE