Grand Trine

Science / Astrology / Grand Trine: The aspect pattern formed when three planets, each in a different sign of the same triplicity (air, earth, fire or water), trine each other. A grand trine permits smooth flow of energies among the planets involved in accordance with the triplicity occupied. A dissociate grand trine, one in which the three planets fall within orb to form mutual trines but do not occupy the same triplicity, supplements ease of planetary expression but lacks the cohesiveness of a grand trine formed between planets occupying one triplicity.

Other Words for Grand

Grand Noun Synonyms: large, great, huge, immense, enormous, impressive, imposing, splendid, fine, majestic, stately, lofty, monumental, lavish, magnificent, opulent, luxurious, palatial, sumptuous, posh
Grand Adjective Synonyms: flamboyant, overdone, histrionic, ostentatious, pretentious, grandiose, lordly

Grand Vin

Life Style / Wine / Grand Vin: French term most often associated with Bordeaux where it denotes a Chateau's premier wine, or "first wine". On a wine label, the word's Grand vin may appear to help distinguish the wine from an estate MORE

Grande Marque

Life Style / Wine / Grande Marque: French term for a famous brand of wine, most commonly associated with the large Champagne houses. MORE

Grande Marques

Life Style / Wine / Grande Marques: A term frequently used to describe the top Champagne houses. MORE