Science / Astrology / Horoscope: In this century, the word 'horoscope' has become synonymous with the daily 20-50 word predictions offered in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. It literally means the 'marker of time,' and it is a map of the heavens at the time of one's birth (technically speaking, synonymous with 'birth chart').

Equal House Horoscope

Science / Astrology / Equal House Horoscope: One in which twelve equal houses are derived by taking successive arcs of 30° each, beginning with the Ascendant and completing the zodiac circle. An alternate method bases the house cusps on the Mid MORE


Science / Astrology / Geniture: From the Latin, birth or origin; used in astrology to refer to a birth or a natal horoscope. See also natal astrology. MORE


Science / Astrology / Converse: Measurements, which follow the reverse order of the natural zodiac, used primarily to direct or progress a horoscope backward in time. Converse directions are interpreted by some astrologers as relati MORE