House Cusp

Science / Astrology / House Cusp: The zodiacal degree at which a house begins.

Other Words for House

House Verb Synonyms: family, line, lineage, dynasty, clan, ancestry, strain, race, blood, descendants, forebears
House Noun Synonyms: legislature, legislative body, congress, parliament, assembly, council, diet
House Adverb Synonyms: residence, dwelling, dwelling-place, home, abode, household, homestead, domicile, lodging(s), quarters, building, edifice

Cusp, Cusp Line

Science / Astrology / Cusp, Cusp Line: The line that separates the house and indicates the beginning of a house. See also house cusp. MORE

Table Of Houses

Science / Astrology / Table Of Houses: An astrological reference table, correlated with a particular house system, which lists the zodiacal positions of house cusps at various latitudes according to sidereal time. MORE

Houses, Table Of

Science / Astrology / Houses, Table Of: A reference book that lists house cusps according to the local sidereal time and location of birth. A table is applicable to the particular house system for which it is devised. MORE

Equal House Horoscope

Science / Astrology / Equal House Horoscope: One in which twelve equal houses are derived by taking successive arcs of 30° each, beginning with the Ascendant and completing the zodiac circle. An alternate method bases the house cusps on the Mid MORE

Outer Houses

Science / Astrology / Outer Houses: Those planets whose orbits fall outside the Asteroid Belt; also called major planets because of their larger orbits. See also major planets. MORE

Open House

Business / Real Estate / Open House: The common real estate practice of showing listed homes to the public during established hours. MORE