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Other Words for Interpretation

Interpretation Adjective Synonyms: explanation, clarification, elucidation, simplification, decipherment, solution, working-out, unravelling, sorting out, decoding, definition, illustration, translation, paraphrasing
Interpretation Verb Synonyms: analysis, diagnosis, examination, exegesis, explication, reading, construal, inference, understanding

Fourfold Interpretation

Entertainment / Literature / Fourfold Interpretation: In the twelfth century, fourfold interpretation was a model for reading biblical texts according to one of four possible levels of meaning. The idea had a profound influence on exegesis and theology, MORE

Yale School

Entertainment / Literature / Yale School: A group of critics at Yale University who are known primarily for deconstructionist interpretations--the group includes Paul de Man, J. Hillis Miller, Geoffrey Hartman, and Harold Bloom. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anagogical: In fourfold interpretation, the anagogical reading is the fourth type of interpretation in which one reads a religious writing in an eschatological manner, i.e., the interpreter sees the passage as a MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Paratext: In GĂ©rard Genette's work, Paratext: Thresholds of Interpretation, Genette introduces the idea of 'paratext,' i.e., anything external to the text itself that influences the way we read a text. These ' MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Typology: A mode of biblical interpretation introduced by Saint Paul and developed by Patristic writers as a means of reconciling the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) and the New Testament. Saint Augustine expr MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Exegesis: (1) In Roman times, the term exegesis applied to professional government interpretation of omens, dreams, and sacred laws, as Cuddon notes (315). (2) In post-Roman times, more commonly exegesis is sch MORE