Lame Degrees

Science / Astrology / Lame Degrees: See mutilated degrees.

Other Words for Lame

Lame Verb Synonyms: crippled, disabled, handicapped, hobbled, limping, incapacitated, impaired, halting, halt, spavined, gimpy

Mutilated Degrees

Science / Astrology / Mutilated Degrees: So designated because of the ancient belief that if the Ascendant, chart ruler or Moon occupied any of these degrees, lameness was indicated. Sometimes referred to as lame degrees, they are: 6°-10° MORE


Science / Biology / Microfilaments: Rods composed of actin that are found in the cytoskeleton and are involved in cell division and movement. MORE

Masculine Degrees

Science / Astrology / Masculine Degrees: Degrees that foster masculine attributes in both males and females when occupied by the Ascendant or chart ruler. H.L. Cornell, M.D., specifies the following as masculine degrees; 8°, 15° and 30° i MORE


Entertainment / Music / Lamentoso: Like a lament. MORE

Middle Lamella

Science / Biology / Middle Lamella: A layer composed of pectin that cements two adjoining plant cells together. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Lament: A formulaic expression of grief or sorrow for the loss of a person, position, or culture. It is typically non-narrative. Examples include The Lamentations of Jeremiah, David's Lament for Saul and Jona MORE