Science / Astrology / Lights: An old term for the Sun and Moon; the Sun is the Greater Light, the Moon the Lesser Light.

Christmas Lights

Life Style / Christmas / Christmas Lights: Strings of lights used to decorate the Christmas tree. Many people also put up Christmas lights on houses and decorate their trees outside with lights, too. It’s quite a sight to drive around town l MORE


Health / Pilates / Headlights: CadillacImaginary headlights that shine out from the front of your pelvic bones. Visualizing these headlights will help you to tuck and arch your pelvis until you achieve a neutral pelvis position wit MORE

Lights Out

Entertainment / Bowling / Lights Out: Two distinctly different meanings: (1) when a player shoots incredible high scores; He shot lights out.; or, to indicate a breakdown in your game; The lights went out. MORE

Navigation Lights

Technology / Aviation / Navigation Lights: lights on the aircraft consisting of a red light on the left wing, a green light on the right wing, and a white light on the tail. FARs require that these lights be displayed in flight during the hour MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Lights-Out: Playing excellently MORE


Business / Construction / Highlights: A light spot, area, or streak on a painted surface. MORE