Locational Astrology

Science / Astrology / Locational Astrology: The practice of casting a horoscope for the place in which a person resides, or would like to reside, rather than the place of birth. This system is often used to determine the location likely to prove most congenial to a particular individual.

Natal Astrology

Science / Astrology / Natal Astrology: The branch of astrology dealing with the individual. The horoscope cast for the birth time of the individual, showing life potentials, is called a natal horoscope, geniture, radix, or nativity. MORE

Mundane Astrology

Science / Astrology / Mundane Astrology: That branch of astrology that deals with world events and universal trends rather than the individual. MORE

Meteorological Astrology (Astro-Meteorology)

Science / Astrology / Meteorological Astrology (Astro-Meteorology): The use of astrology for forecasting the weather conditions, earthquakes, and severe storms. Also called natural astrology. MORE

Natural Astrology

Science / Astrology / Natural Astrology: See Meteorological astrology. MORE

Sidereal Astrology

Science / Astrology / Sidereal Astrology: An astrological system based upon the constellations, not the tropical zodiac. MORE

Vocational Astrology

Science / Astrology / Vocational Astrology: That branch of astrology devoted to career counseling in terms of the aptitudes and needs shown in the natal horoscope. MORE