Lunar Eclipse

Science / Astrology / Lunar Eclipse: The point at which the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned with the Earth blocking out the Sun's light from the Moon, making the Moon seem invisible. Occurs during a Full Moon.

Other Words for Eclipse

Eclipse Noun Synonyms: decline, downturn, slump, recession
Eclipse Verb Synonyms: conceal, hide, blot out, obscure, block, veil, shroud, cover, darken


Science / Astrology / Eclipse: An occultation, commonly used in reference to a darkening of the Sun or Moon. Solar eclipses occur at the times of those new Moons when the Moon, Sun and Earth are aligned so that the Moon blocks the MORE

Lunar Tide

Science / Tides and Currents / Lunar Tide: That part of the tide on the Earth due solely to the Moon as distinguished from that part due to the Sun. MORE

Lunar Return Chart

Science / Astrology / Lunar Return Chart: A chart cast for the time the Moon returns to the exact degree, minute, and second it occupied at the moment of an individual's birth. MORE

Lunar Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Lunar Time: Time based upon the rotation of the Earth relative to the Moon. See lunar day. MORE

Semilunar Valve

Science / Biology / Semilunar Valve: A valve between each ventricle of the heart and the artery connected to that ventricle. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Sublunary: The area of the cosmos inside the orbit of the moon, including the earth. In medieval and Renaissance theology, this area was thought to be imperfect and subject to decay, death and mutability, while MORE