Science / Astrology / Malefic: An archaic term applied to planets and aspects whose influence was thought to be negative or destructive. Traditionally, Saturn is the Greater Malefic; Mars, the Lesser Malefic. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were also classed as malefics. The Square, opposition and other disharmonious aspects were once considered malefic aspects.

Greater Malefic

Science / Astrology / Greater Malefic: A term applied to Saturn, the planet ancients believed to generate the evils in life. MORE


Health / Health Insurance / Non-Maleficence: An ethical principle which, when applied to managed care, states that managed care organizations and their providers are obligated not to harm their members. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Succubus: A demon-lover in feminine shape, as opposed to an incubus (plural incubi), the same sort of demon-lover in masculine shape. The term comes from medieval demonology, which was probably influenced by th MORE