Masculine Degrees

Science / Astrology / Masculine Degrees: Degrees that foster masculine attributes in both males and females when occupied by the Ascendant or chart ruler. H.L. Cornell, M.D., specifies the following as masculine degrees; 8°, 15° and 30° in Aries; 11°, 21° and 30° in Taurus; 16° and 26° in Gemini; 2°, 10°, 23° and 30° in Cancer;5°, 15° and 30° in Leo; 12° and 30° in Virgo; 5°, 20° and 30° in Libra; 4°, 17° and 30° in Scorpio; 2°, 12° and 30° in Sagittarius; 11° and 30° in Capricorn; 5°, 21° and 27° in Aquarius; 10°, 23° and 30° in Pisces.

Masculine Signs

Science / Astrology / Masculine Signs: The fire and air signs, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. They are suggestive of aggressiveness in contrast with the receptivity expressed in feminine signs. Also called positive si MORE

Mutilated Degrees

Science / Astrology / Mutilated Degrees: So designated because of the ancient belief that if the Ascendant, chart ruler or Moon occupied any of these degrees, lameness was indicated. Sometimes referred to as lame degrees, they are: 6°-10° MORE

Masculine Rhyme

Life Style / Poetry / Masculine Rhyme: Gendered expression for rhymes ending in a stressed syllable, such as 'hells' and 'bells.' the expressions strong or one-syllable rhyme avoid the sexist bias. MORE