Medium Coeli

Science / Astrology / Medium Coeli: From the Latin, literally middle of the heavens; the culminating degree of the ecliptic, commonly called Midheaven, abbreviated MC. In an unequal house system the MC, one of the angles of a horoscope, forms the cusp of the tenth house.

Other Words for Medium

Medium Noun Synonyms: means, method, mode, approach, instrumentality, device, mechanism, intermediation, technique, contrivance, agency, expedient, way, course, route, road, avenue, channel, conveyance, vehicle
Medium Verb Synonyms: average, middle, mid, medial, median, normal, standard,ual, everyday, ordinary, mid-sized
Medium Adjective Synonyms: average, middle, mid-point, compromise, centre, mean, norm, mediocrity

Imum Coeli

Science / Astrology / Imum Coeli: From the Latin, literally bottom of the heavens; the zodiacal point opposite the Medium Coeli (Midheaven, MC). The Imum Coeli is one of the angles and forms the fourth house cusp in an unequal house s MORE

Medium Shot (MS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Medium Shot (MS): A framing that presents a moderately close view of an object or person. Conventionally, a TV medium shot of a person is from the thighs or knees up. Two common types of medium shots are the two shot a MORE

Medium Roast

Life Style / Coffee / Medium Roast: Also known as American Roast. Coffee roasted to traditional American taste: medium brown. MORE

Medium Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Medium Steel: Refer to carbon steel. MORE

Medium-Term Bond

Business / Finance / Medium-Term Bond: A bond maturing in two to ten years. MORE

Medium-Term Note

Business / Finance / Medium-Term Note: A corporate debt instrument that is continuously offered to investors over a period of time by an agent of the issuer. Investors can select from maturity bands of: 9 months to 1 year, more than 1 year MORE