Milky Way

Science / Astrology / Milky Way: The galaxy of which our solar system is a part. See also Galaxy.

Other Words for Way

Way Verb Synonyms: progress, passage, advance, headway, speed, velocity, motion, (forward) movement
Way Adjective Synonyms: manner, method, mode, fashion, means, system, course (of action), procedure, approach, scheme, technique, practice, modus operandi, MO (= 'modus operandi')
Way Noun Synonyms: manner, spirit, feeling, sense, character, approach, personality, temperament, disposition, modus vivendi (= 'lifestyle'), nature, technique, style, conduct, habit, behavior pattern, custom


Entertainment / Tennis / Putaway: A shot to try to end the point from an advantageous situation MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Pushaway: The initial movement of the ball to get it into motion; some people push the ball directly forward, others slightly push forward and up, others drop the ball into motion. MORE

Oropharyngeal Airway

Health / First Aid / Oropharyngeal Airway: An airway adjunct placed in the mouth to help keep the pharynx open. MORE

Regular Way Settlement

Business / Finance / Regular Way Settlement: In the money and bond markets, the standard basis on which some security trades are settled is that the delivery of the securities purchased is made against payment in Fed funds on the day following t MORE

Right Down Broadway

Entertainment / Baseball / Right Down Broadway: A pitch that is delivered in the middle of the strike zone. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Runway: 1) The movement of the bowler from address to delivery. 2) The part of the lane behind the foul line where the player takes their steps before releasing the ball behind the foul line, which must be at MORE