Science / Astrology / Modes: See 'Qualities.'

Priority Modes

Technology / Digital Cameras / Priority Modes: Aperture and shutter speed priority modes are a shortcut to easy exposure adjustment. To set exposure manually, you would need to adjust aperture and shutter speed settings separately. With priority m MORE


Science / Biology / Plasmodesmata: Junctions in plants that penetrate cell walls and plasma membranes, allowing direct communication between the cytoplasm of adjacent cells (sing.: plasmodesma). MORE

Investment Club

Business / Finance / Investment Club: A group of people who combine their money into a larger pool, then invest collectively in stocks and bonds, making decisions as a group. MORE

Mode Of Production

Technology / Television (TV) / Mode Of Production: An aesthetic style of shooting that relies upon a particular technology and is governed by a certain economic system. Television's two principal modes of production are single-camera and multiple-came MORE

Non-Narrative Television

Technology / Television (TV) / Non-Narrative Television: Televisual texts (e.g., news and sports programs, game shows, some commercials) that present reality to us without using conventional narrative structures. Instead, nonnarrative television relies on e MORE

Growth And Income Fund

Business / Finance / Growth And Income Fund: A constant stream of cash flows without end that is expected to rise indefinitely. MORE