Science / Astrology / Moon: Represents the Mother and the women in one's life, nurturing, home, emotions, instinct and memory. It also represents one's emotional response to situations and experiences.

Full Moon

Science / Astrology / Full Moon: That point in the lunar cycle when the Moon exactly opposes the Sun; begins the waning phase. MORE

Quadrature Of Moon

Science / Tides and Currents / Quadrature Of Moon: Position of the Moon when its longitude differs by 90° from the longitude of the Sun. The corresponding phases are known as first quarter and last quarter. MORE

Gibbous Moon

Science / Astrology / Gibbous Moon: The Moon approaching the full Moon, more than 135° and less than 180° ahead of the Sun. A natal gibbous Moon indicates that self-analysis is an important factor in motivation. MORE

Age Of Moon

Science / Tides and Currents / Age Of Moon: The time elapsed since the preceding new Moon MORE

Obliquity Of The Moons Orbit

Science / Tides and Currents / Obliquity Of The Moons Orbit: The angle which the Moon's orbit makes with the plane of the Earth's Equator. Its value varies from 18.3° to 28.6°, depending upon the longitude of the Moon's ascending node; the smaller value corre MORE

New Moon

Science / Astrology / New Moon: Lunation; the beginning of a lunation cycle and of the waxing phase. Moon conjunct Sun. MORE