Naibod Arc

Science / Astrology / Naibod Arc: Mean daily motion of the sun, 59' 08'; used to progress a natal horoscope by assuming one Naibod arc equals one year of life, according to the method introduced by Johann Naibod, sixteenth century astrologer and mathematician. See also solar arc.

Solar Arc

Science / Astrology / Solar Arc: The distance the Sun travels from birth position to its secondary progressed position. A system of progressions adds the soar arc at a given year to the natal positions of house cusps and/or planets. MORE


Science / Weather / Parcel: A volume of air small enough to contain uniform distribution of its meteorological properties and large enough to remain relatively self-contained and respond to all meteorological processes. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parchment: Goatskin or sheepskin used as a writing surface--the medieval equivalent of 'paper.' A technical distinction is usually made between parchment and vellum, which is made from the hide of young calves. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Parc: V.vinifera variety grown in Croatia, former Yugoslavia. Has the synonym name Prc. Characterized by very dense clusters of med-large freckled pale-green berries. Mainly used to create an aromatic white MORE

Organic Search Results

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Organic Search Results: Most major search engines have results that consist of paid ads and unpaid listings. The unpaid / algorithmic listings are called the organic search results. Organic search results are organized by re MORE

Nouveau Marche

Business / Finance / Nouveau Marche: An equity market unit of the Paris Bourse that deals solely in innovative, high-growth companies. MORE