Science / Astrology / Nocturnal: From the Latin nocturnus, of night. Refers to the lower (northern) hemisphere of a horoscope, the 'night' section, that part of the heavens that falls below Earth's horizon.

Nocturnal Signs

Science / Astrology / Nocturnal Signs: Signs whose natural positions are in the nocturnal or northern hemisphere of a horoscope: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Also called northern signs. MORE

Nocturnal Arc

Science / Astrology / Nocturnal Arc: The time expressed in right ascension that it takes a planet or degree of the zodiac to move from its setting point on the horizon to its rising point. MORE

Nocturnal Thunderstorms

Science / Weather / Nocturnal Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms which develop after sunset. They are often associated with the strengthening of the low level jet and are most common over the Plains states. They also occur over warm water and may be a MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Conceit: (also called a metaphysical conceit) An elaborate or unusual comparison--especially one using unlikely metaphors, simile, hyperbole, and contradiction. Before the beginning of the seventeenth century, MORE


Entertainment / Music / Nocturne: A musical composition that has a romantic or dreamy character with nocturnal associations. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Succubus: A demon-lover in feminine shape, as opposed to an incubus (plural incubi), the same sort of demon-lover in masculine shape. The term comes from medieval demonology, which was probably influenced by th MORE