Oblique Ascension

Science / Astrology / Oblique Ascension: A measurement determined by the angle (ascensional difference) between the point on the celestial equator rising with a planet rising at a point not at the equator.

Other Words for Oblique

Oblique Adjective Synonyms: slanting, slanted, sloping, aslant, inclined, diagonal, inclining, angled, angling, canted, canting, banked, banking, cambered, crooked, askew, divergent, diverging, tilted, atilt, tilting

Oblique Desension

Science / Astrology / Oblique Desension: The angular complement of oblique ascension; i.e., 180° minus the oblique ascension arc. MORE


Health / Fitness / Obliques: Related to external oblique, the muscle located on each side of abdominal. These are used to flex and rotate the body. MORE

Right Ascension

Science / Astrology / Right Ascension: Measurement along the celestial equator eastward from 0° Aries that describes planetary positions in terms of degrees, minutes and seconds, not zodiacal signs. Sidereal time expressed in unit of arc. MORE

Short Ascension

Science / Astrology / Short Ascension: Refers to the six signs that take less time than the other six to rise above the horizon, namely, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces; the spring and winter signs in the northern hem MORE

Oblique-Slip Fault

Science / Geology / Oblique-Slip Fault: A fault that combines some strike slip motion with some dip-slip motion. MORE

Oblique Form

Entertainment / Literature / Oblique Form: The various forms or cases of any word in a declined language except the nominative form or nominative case. The term 'oblique' to describe this comes from medieval grammar exercises, where a young mo MORE