Science / Astrology / Orb: The number of degrees by which an aspect may vary from partile (exactness) and remain effective.

Other Words for Orb

Orb Noun Synonyms: sphere, ball, globe

Elliptical Orbit

Science / Geology / Elliptical Orbit: An orbit with the shape of a geometrical ellipse. All orbits are elliptical or hyperbolic, with the Sun occupying one focus. MORE

Molecular Orbital

Science / Chemistry / Molecular Orbital: A wavefunction that describes the behavior of an electron in a molecule. Molecular orbitals are usually spread across many atoms in the molecule, and they are often described as a combination of atomi MORE


Science / Astrology / Orbit: The path a heavenly body follows as it travels around another stellar body. MORE

Eccentricity Of Orbit

Science / Tides and Currents / Eccentricity Of Orbit: Ratio of the distance from the center to the focus of an elliptical orbit to the length of the semi major axis. The eccentricity of orbit = %1 - (B / A)2: where A and B are respectively the semi major MORE

Radar Absorbent Material (RAM)

Technology / Radar / Radar Absorbent Material (RAM): Radar absorbent material has electrical properties similar to free space. When radar impacts radar absorbent material, the energy acts as though it "sees’ infinite free space instead of a boundary. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Absorbance: (A, D, E) optical density; extinction; decadic absorbance. A measure of the amount of light absorbed by a sample. The absorbance (A) equals minus the base-10 log of the transmittance. MORE