Science / Astrology / Oriental: Literally eastern; said of a planet that rises and sets before the Sun. The oriental planet, called the leading planet, is the one that will rise immediately before the Sun; i.e., the planet that directly precedes the Sun clockwise (behind the Sun in the natural order of the zodiac).

Oriental Houses

Science / Astrology / Oriental Houses: Houses that lie in the eastern (oriental) hemisphere of a horoscope, houses one, two, three, ten, eleven, and twelve. Sometimes used to describe those houses moving away (clockwise) from the horizon ( MORE

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Health / Massage / Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy: This barefoot massage technique uses deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body. Gravitational centrifugal and centripetal movements relieve pain symptoms in chronic soft-tissue dama MORE

Tara Approach

Health / Massage / Tara Approach: Developed by Dr. Stephanie Mines, the TARA Approach is a holistic system for the critical transformation of psychological, physical, and emotional shock and trauma. Combining the ancient oriental heal MORE


Life Style / Poetry / PEN: Acronym for the association, poets, playwrights, editors, essayists and novelists (1921-). MORE

Myopractic Muscle Therapy

Health / Massage / Myopractic Muscle Therapy: Robert Petteway developed the Myopractic system after thirty years in the healing arts. His experience in structural integration, biomechanics, acupuncture, Oriental medicine, and a wide variety of mu MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Eponym: A word that is derived from the proper name of a person or place. For instance, the sandwich gained its name from its inventor, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. The word lynch comes from Captain William L MORE