Science / Astrology / Partile: The degree at which an aspect is precisely exact (0° orb). An aspect that is within 1° orb is said to be exact but not partile.


Science / Astrology / Refranation: The failure of an applying aspect to culminate, when the significator turns retrograde before reaching partile. MORE


Science / Astrology / Orb: The number of degrees by which an aspect may vary from partile (exactness) and remain effective. MORE


Science / Astrology / Culmination: A term used to describe a planet's arrival at the Midheaven (natally or by progression or transit); also used to indicate the completion of an aspect by progression, i.e., when a platic aspect reaches MORE

Applying Aspect

Science / Astrology / Applying Aspect: One in which the significator (the faster moving of two planets involved) is moving toward partile (exactness) as opposed to a separating aspect in which the significator is moving away from partile. MORE

Separating Aspect

Science / Astrology / Separating Aspect: One in which the significator (faster moving planet of the two in aspect) is moving away from partile (the degree at which the aspect is exact). MORE

Cazimi, Also Casimi

Science / Astrology / Cazimi, Also Casimi: From the Arabic center of the solar disc. A planet that forms a conjunction with the Sun within 30' of partile is said to be cazimi, literally 'burnt up' by the Sun. The Sun, representing the ego, eng MORE