Science / Astrology / Plato: Greek 429-355 B.C., studied in Egypt and elsewhere, pupil of Socrates, fellow student of Euclid, follower of Pythagoras. His contribution to Astrology was setting the problem of representing courses of the planets by circular and uniform motions.

Platonic Form

Entertainment / Literature / Platonic Form: The ideas, images, or patterns of which physical reality is but an imperfect or transitory symbol or expression. See discussion under Platonic. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Platonic: In common usage, people often use the word 'platonic' to mean 'intellectual rather than physical.' Thus, a Platonic love-affair is one in which the couple is attracted to each other for mental or psyc MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parody: Beside, subsidiary, or mock song): A parody imitates the serious manner and characteristic features of a particular literary work in order to make fun of those same features. The humorist achieves par MORE


Entertainment / Literature / School: While common parlance uses the word school to refer to a specific institute of learning, literary scholars use this term to refer to groups of writers or poets who share similar styles, literary techn MORE


Business / Finance / Symbol: The derivatives market of Australia. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Kottabos: A rowdy Greek drinking game. After draining the wine in a kylix, the drinker would stick a finger through one of the handles and rapidly spin the kylix around. He would then suddenly stop its motion, MORE