Science / Astrology / Pole: Either end of the axis of any sphere such as the Earth, the celestial sphere, etc.

Other Words for Pole

Pole Adjective Synonyms: rod, stick, staff, spar, shaft, mast, standard, upright, flag-pole, flagstaff, jackstaff, beanpole, hop-pole

Current Pole

Science / Tides and Currents / Current Pole: A pole used in observing the velocity of the current. The pole formerly used by the Coast and Geodetic Survey was about 3 inches in diameter and 15 feet long, and was weighted at one end to float upri MORE

Extended Pole Piece

Technology / Home Audio / Extended Pole Piece: Extended pole pieces on the magnet assembly allow for more voice coil travel, and thus lower Frequency Response, and less chance of 'bottoming out' MORE

Magnetic Poles

Science / Weather / Magnetic Poles: Either of the two points on the earth's surface where the magnetic meridians converge. They are not aligned with the geographical poles, but shift and do not lie exactly opposite of the other. MORE

Poles or Polar

Science / Weather / Poles or Polar: The poles are the geographic point at 90 degrees latitude North and South on the earth's surface. They are equal distance from the equator. The polar region is considered to be that area between 60? MORE

Pole Piece

Technology / Home Audio / Pole Piece: The ends or 'Poles' of a magnet from which the magnetic lines of force, measured in Gauss, are at the greatest strength. In a typical speaker, this will be at the gap within which the voice coil is lo MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Bipole: A speaker design that uses two sets of drivers to generate equal amounts of sound both forward and backward, or side to side, with the two sounds being 'in phase.' In a home theater setup, bipole spea MORE