Science / Astrology / Progressions: The general term applied to any method of advancing the planets and house cusps of a natal horoscope to a particular time after birth.

Secondary Progressions, Secondary Directions

Science / Astrology / Secondary Progressions, Secondary Directions: The method of progressing a natal horoscope in which each day after birth is equated to a corresponding number of years after birth; commonly referred to as 'day for a year' progressions. MORE

Secondary Progressions

Science / Astrology / Secondary Progressions: See 'Progressions.' MORE

Solar Arc

Science / Astrology / Solar Arc: The distance the Sun travels from birth position to its secondary progressed position. A system of progressions adds the soar arc at a given year to the natal positions of house cusps and/or planets. MORE

Spiritual Minimalism

Entertainment / Music / Spiritual Minimalism: Contemporary musical style related to minimalism, characterized by a weak pulse and long chains of lush progressions, either tonal or modal. MORE


Science / Astrology / Directions: A term synonymous with progression. See Progressions. MORE

Primary Directions

Science / Astrology / Primary Directions: Originally, a mathematically complicated system of progressing a horoscope based upon the diurnal rotation of the Earth. The term is now loosely applied to any method of advancing house cusps, but usu MORE