Science / Astrology / Quadrant: One of the four sections of a horoscope, each bounded by two angles not opposite each other.

Adcock Range

Technology / Aviation / Adcock Range: National low-frequency radio navigation system (c.1930-c.1950) replaced by an omnirange (VOR) system. It consisted of four segmented quadrants broadcasting Morse Code 'A' (dot-dash) and 'N' (dash-dot) MORE

Rev Leverage

Entertainment / Bowling / Rev Leverage: A drilling with the pin 4-1/2 and the CG 3-3/8 from the bowler's PAP. The CG is placed down in the thumb and positive quadrant of the ball and the extra hole is located 6 3/4 from the pin on a line th MORE

Johari Window

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Johari Window: A leadership disclosure and feedback model which can be used in performance measurement and features the four quadrants (windows) of "knowing". Quadrant I – represents the area of free activity or p MORE


Science / Astrology / Porphyry: Philosopher (233-304 A.D.) of the Neo-Platonic school who devised a house system based on dividing each quadrant of a horoscope, as determined by the angles, into three houses of equal size. MORE

Angular Houses

Science / Astrology / Angular Houses: The first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses. In a quadrant system (unequal house), the angles form the cusps of these houses. The experiential focus of these house is initiatory and dynamic. They are MORE

Ascending Planet

Science / Astrology / Ascending Planet: Any planet in the eastern section of a horoscope is ascending, i.e., moving toward the Midheaven. The term is usually reserved for those planets in the fourth quadrant (rising from Ascendant to Midhea MORE