Science / Astrology / Qualities: The Signs are classified by their Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. Also referred to as modalities or quadruplicities.

Tropic Inequalities

Science / Tides and Currents / Tropic Inequalities: Tropic high water inequality (HWQ) is the average difference between the two high waters of the day at the times of tropic tides. Tropic low water inequality (LWQ) is the average difference between th MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Hallucination: false sensory perception in the absence of a real external stimulus. It is perceived as being located in objective space and as having the same realistic qualities as normal perceptions. It is not sub MORE


Health / Massage / Touchabilities: Developed by Iris Burman and Sandy Friedland, touchabilities Essential Connections is a universal skill set and philosophy for bodywork practitioners. This skill set includes the core techniques that MORE

Drill Rod

Business / Machine Shop / Drill Rod: A term given to an annealed and polished high carbon tool steel rod usually round and centerless ground. The sizes range in round stock from .013 to 1?? inches diameter. Commercial qualities embrace w MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Idealization: A mental mechanism in which the person attributes exaggeratedly positive qualities to the self or others. MORE

Lard Oil

Business / Machine Shop / Lard Oil: A cutting oil made from animal fats usually mixed with mineral oils to reduce its cost and improve its qualities. MORE