Science / Astrology / Reception: Shortened form of mutual reception. See mutual reception.

Other Words for Reception

Reception Verb Synonyms: welcome, greeting, treatment, reaction, response
Reception Adjective Synonyms: party, levee, social, soir‚e, function, opening, preview, vernissage, do

Mutual Reception

Science / Astrology / Mutual Reception: Two planets placed in each other's sign of essential dignity are in mutual reception, 'en rapport'. Mutual reception provides a harmonious link between planets not in aspect and strengthens the aspect MORE

Adaptive Reception

Technology / Home Audio / Adaptive Reception: A circuit that provides adjustable delay such that the time at which a sound wave is produced from various signal channels can be changed. This allows synchronization for each channel of a multi-chann MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Audio: 1. Of, or relating to, humanly audible sound, i.e., audio is all the sounds that humans hear. 2. A. Relating to the broadcasting or reception of sound. B. Relating to high-fidelity sound reproduction. MORE

Satellite Radio

Technology / Home Audio / Satellite Radio: Digital radio transmission system that utilizes satellites in space to broadcast directly to ground based and mobile receivers. Two existing networks, Sirius and XM offer hundreds of channels of diver MORE

Diversity Tuner

Technology / Home Audio / Diversity Tuner: An FM tuning method which employs two antennas. The tuner can switch between the two antennas in order to attain better reception. MORE

Bistatic Radar

Technology / Radar / Bistatic Radar: A bistatic radar system uses different antennas for transmission and reception. MORE