Sinister Aspect

Science / Astrology / Sinister Aspect: From the Latin sinister, left or left hand; a term replaced by modern astrologers with departing aspect, which refers to aspects in which the direction from significator to promittor is backward in the zodiac, clockwise in a horoscope. See also departing aspect.

Other Words for Aspect

Aspect Noun Synonyms: viewpoint, point of view, position, standpoint, side

Other Words for Sinister

Sinister Noun Synonyms: fateful, inauspicious, unfavorable, foreboding, threatening, menacing, minacious, minatory or minatorial, portentous, ominous, unpropitious, disastrous, dark, gloomy

Inharmonious Aspects

Science / Astrology / Inharmonious Aspects: Aspects in which planetary energies do not combine smoothly, mainly the semi-square, square, sesquiquadrate, quincunx, and opposition; also called difficult aspects. See also hard aspects. MORE

Harmonious Aspect

Science / Astrology / Harmonious Aspect: Aspects in which the planets involved are mutually supportive; their energies operate together comfortably and productively. The sextile and trine are major harmonious aspects; also called easy aspect MORE

Hard Aspects

Science / Astrology / Hard Aspects: Aspects that stimulate action or tension and induce motivation. All hard aspects are disharmonious to some extent except the conjunction and parallel, whose influence depends largely upon the natures MORE

Interspersed Aspect Ratio

Entertainment / Photography / Interspersed Aspect Ratio: Basic requirement of certified photofinishers and certified photo finishing equipment. It specifies the three aps system print formats - c, h and p. MORE

Mundane Aspects

Science / Astrology / Mundane Aspects: Aspects by house rather than by degree. For example, a mundane sextile from a planet on the cusp of the second house to one on the cusp of the fourth might be less or more than the 60° required for a MORE

Zodiacal Aspects

Science / Astrology / Zodiacal Aspects: Aspects based upon planets' zodiacal longitude as distinguished from parallels and contaparallels, which depend upon declination. MORE