Solar Arc

Science / Astrology / Solar Arc: The distance the Sun travels from birth position to its secondary progressed position. A system of progressions adds the soar arc at a given year to the natal positions of house cusps and/or planets. A similar method based on the mean solar arc multiplies 59'08' (Naibod arc, Sun's mean daily motion) by the individual's age in years to determine the proper increment to add to natal positions.

Naibod Arc

Science / Astrology / Naibod Arc: Mean daily motion of the sun, 59' 08'; used to progress a natal horoscope by assuming one Naibod arc equals one year of life, according to the method introduced by Johann Naibod, sixteenth century ast MORE

Research And Development (R-D)

Business / Finance / Research And Development (R-D): Development of new products and services by a company in order to obtain a competitive advantage. MORE

Research And Development Limited Partnership

Business / Finance / Research And Development Limited Partnership: A partnership whose investors put up money to finance new product R&D in return for profits generated from the products. MORE