Solar Eclipse

Science / Astrology / Solar Eclipse: See eclipse.

Other Words for Eclipse

Eclipse Verb Synonyms: conceal, hide, blot out, obscure, block, veil, shroud, cover, darken
Eclipse Noun Synonyms: decline, downturn, slump, recession


Science / Astrology / Eclipse: An occultation, commonly used in reference to a darkening of the Sun or Moon. Solar eclipses occur at the times of those new Moons when the Moon, Sun and Earth are aligned so that the Moon blocks the MORE

Solar Outage

Technology / Television (TV) / Solar Outage: Solar outages occur when a satellite dish is looking at a satellite, and the sun passes behind the satellite and within the field of view of the dish antenna. Solar outages occur during the spring an MORE

Solar Myth

Entertainment / Literature / Solar Myth: Alvin Boyd Kuhn and Max Müller were philologists who attempted to explain the origin of a number of myths and religious practices by linking them to the animistic worship of various celestial phenome MORE

Solar Return, Solar Revolution

Science / Astrology / Solar Return, Solar Revolution: A horoscope erected for the exact time in a given year when the transiting Sun reaches the same position it held in the natal horoscope; used to project conditions for the year of interest. MORE

Solar Tide

Science / Tides and Currents / Solar Tide: (1) The part of the tide that is due to the tide-producing force of the Sun. (2) The observed tide in areas where the solar tide is dominant. This condition provides for phase repetition at about the MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Solarization: Reversal or partial reversal of tones in a photographic image caused by vast amounts of over-exposure. It is often inaccurately used to describe the partial reversal effect caused by fogging photograp MORE