Science / Astrology / Splash: A planetary arrangement described by Marc Edmund Jones in which the planets are fairly evenly distributed around the horoscope. This dispersion of planets suggests dispersion of interests.

Other Words for Splash

Splash Noun Synonyms: spatter, bespatter, splatter, shower, spray, sprinkle, besprinkle, splodge or also splotch, mottle, spot
Splash Adjective Synonyms: impression, show, uproar, ado, brouhaha, sensation, commotion, excitement, foofaraw, to-do
Splash Verb Synonyms: spatter, spray, splatter, sprinkle, spot, stain, smear, smudge, splodge or also splotch

Splash Page

Business / Internet Marketing / Splash Page: A bridge page between a banner advertisement and an advertiser's Web site that provides product information and hotlinks. Splash pages are replacing many home pages -- particularly on sites more invol MORE

Splash Block

Business / Construction / Splash Block: Portable concrete (or vinyl) channel generally placed beneath an exterior sill cock (water faucet) or downspout in order to receive roof drainage from downspouts and to divert it away from the buildin MORE

Splash-Proof Motor

Technology / Motors / Splash-Proof Motor: An open motor in which the ventilating openings are so constructed that drops of liquid or solid particles falling on it or coming toward it in a straight line at any angle not greater than 100 degree MORE


Life Style / Painting / Tachisme: Art up-to-date, you merely let the paint do all the work. Splashing, sprinkling and riding over it with bicycles are the most popular forms. MORE


Technology / Motors / Enclosures: The housing, frame, of the motor of which there are two broad classifications: open and totally closed. There are specific types of each: ODG - Open Drip-Proof, Guarded, ODG-FV - Open Drip-Proof, Forc MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Kottabos: A rowdy Greek drinking game. After draining the wine in a kylix, the drinker would stick a finger through one of the handles and rapidly spin the kylix around. He would then suddenly stop its motion, MORE