Star Sign

Science / Astrology / Star Sign: See 'Sun Sign.'

Other Words for Sign

Sign Verb Synonyms: token, symbol, indication, mark, signal, indicator, notice
Sign Noun Synonyms: trace, indication, evidence, mark, clue, hint, suggestion, vestige

Other Words for Star

Star Noun Synonyms: celestial or heavenly body, evening star, morning star, falling star, shooting star, comet, nova, supernova
Star Adjective Synonyms: celebrity, personage, dignitary, VIP, name, somebody, luminary, leading light, leading man or woman or lady, lead, principal, diva, prima donna, hero, heroine, idol, superstar, top banana, headliner, big shot, (big) draw, celeb, big

Sun Sign

Science / Astrology / Sun Sign: What people think of as their 'Sign' or 'Star Sign.' It is the position of the Sun in the Zodiac at the moment of one's birth. The Sign placement of the Sun shows an individual's basic character. It i MORE


Technology / Email / Signature: A line or two of information found in the closing of an email, usually followed the sender's name. Signatures can include advertising information, such as a company name, product, brand message or mar MORE

Signature Hole

Entertainment / Golf / Signature Hole: A hole that that uniquely identifies a course by its characteristics or style MORE

Signature Loan

Business / Finance / Signature Loan: The argument that dividend changes are important signals to investors about changes in management's expectation about future earnings. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Signatory: 1. having signed or joined in signing a document. 2. a signer, or one of the signers, of a document. MORE

Signaling Approach (On Dividend Policy)

Business / Finance / Signaling Approach (On Dividend Policy): Notion that insiders in a firm have information that the market does not have, and that the choice of capital structure by insiders can signal information to outsiders and change the value of the firm MORE