Stationary, Stationary Motion

Science / Astrology / Stationary, Stationary Motion: Term used to describe apparent lack of motion when a planet's direction of travel changes from direct (forward in the zodiac) to retrograde (backward in the zodiac) or vice versa. Planetary energy, focused at the stationary position, is considered strong in a horoscope when a planet is stationary.

Other Words for Motion

Motion Verb Synonyms: movement, moving, change, shift, shifting, action, going, travelling, travel, progress, passage, transit, activity, commotion, stir, agitation, turmoil, turbulence
Motion Noun Synonyms: mobility, movability, motility


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Promotion: Career advancement within an organization, which includes increased authority, level of responsibility, status and pay. MORE

Motion-Caption Device

Technology / Television (TV) / Motion-Caption Device: A system by which the movement of three-dimensional objects or humans is traced by a computer. MORE

Promotion Program

Business / Agriculture / Promotion Program: Any program by an approved commodity promotion board or marketing order, including paid advertising, to present a favorable image of an agricultural commodity to the public to stimulate sales and impr MORE

Quasi-Stationary Front

Science / Weather / Quasi-Stationary Front: A front which is nearly stationary or moves very little since the last synoptic position. Also known as a stationary front. MORE

Range Of Motion

Health / Fitness / Range Of Motion: Moving through a complete range of motion (ROM) allows the muscles to stretch before contraction and increases the number of muscle fibers being recruited. This produces maximum contraction and force. MORE

Motion capture

Entertainment / Video Games / Motion capture: A technology used to record the movements of real actors so that their in-game counterparts appear to move in a more realistic fashion. MORE