Science / Astrology / Sun: Represents the ego, self, willpower, your uniqueness and your individuality. It is your identity. It also represents the Father and male influences in one's life.

Other Words for Sun

Sun Noun Synonyms: tan, suntan, sunbathe, bask, bake, brown, bronze
Sun Adjective Synonyms: (old) Sol, Helios, Phoebus (Apollo), Ra, Sunna, day-star

Low Sunday

Life Style / Holiday / Low Sunday: One week after Easter. The following Sunday after Easter, in Britain is called Low Sunday. Ukrainians call it Sunday of the Dead, in memory of all the people who have died the past year. Also called T MORE

Easter Sunday

Life Style / Holiday / Easter Sunday: Between March 22 and April 25. Christians welcome Easter Sunday with a sunrise service. Ukrainians may have service at dawn on Easter and watch the sun rise. Macedonians may hold midnight services. Se MORE

Palm Sunday

Life Style / Holiday / Palm Sunday: 'The sixth Sunday of Lent, one week before Easter Sunday. The Last Sunday of Lent, the day Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, surrounded by cheering crowds. Celebrated in different ways around the w MORE

Sun Drying

Life Style / Coffee / Sun Drying: Drying coffee directly after picking (in the dry method) or after fruit removal (in the wet method) by exposing it to the heat of the sun by spreading and raking it in thin layers on drying racks or p MORE

Sun Grown

Life Style / Coffee / Sun Grown: Describes coffee that is not grown under a shade canopy. Arabica coffee is traditionally grown in shade in many (but not all) parts of Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela, and in so MORE

Sun Sign

Science / Astrology / Sun Sign: What people think of as their 'Sign' or 'Star Sign.' It is the position of the Sun in the Zodiac at the moment of one's birth. The Sign placement of the Sun shows an individual's basic character. It i MORE