Third House

Science / Astrology / Third House: Also known as the House of Communication. It is the way in which we express ourselves and think on an intellectual level. It also represents consciousness, siblings, neighbors and our local environment, as well as early education, mechanical dexterity and short trips.

Other Words for House

House Adverb Synonyms: residence, dwelling, dwelling-place, home, abode, household, homestead, domicile, lodging(s), quarters, building, edifice
House Noun Synonyms: legislature, legislative body, congress, parliament, assembly, council, diet
House Verb Synonyms: family, line, lineage, dynasty, clan, ancestry, strain, race, blood, descendants, forebears

Derivative House

Science / Astrology / Derivative House: A system that describes the affairs of a house as they relate to another, assuming that one of the houses of interest is the first. For example, the second house to the third, actually the fourth hous MORE

Succedent Houses

Science / Astrology / Succedent Houses: From the Latin succedere, to follow; houses two, five, eight and eleven, which follow the angular houses. Also called the fixed houses, being ruled naturally by the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio a MORE

Sixth House

Science / Astrology / Sixth House: Also known as the House of Health. It is about your job, routine, daily responsibilities, diet, employees, pets and physical fitness. It also addresses a fulfillment of duty and the conscious mind. MORE

Seventh House

Science / Astrology / Seventh House: Also known as the House of Partnership. It represents marriage, joint partnerships, ventures and business partnerships. It also rules divorce, legalities, open confrontations, contracts, lawsuits and MORE

Table Of Houses

Science / Astrology / Table Of Houses: An astrological reference table, correlated with a particular house system, which lists the zodiacal positions of house cusps at various latitudes according to sidereal time. MORE

Second House

Science / Astrology / Second House: Also known as the House of Possessions. It describes your material assets, monetary income and the potential ways it may be earned. It also indicates what you value throughout life. MORE