Science / Astrology / Transit: The position and movement of a planet on a given day; used in reference to planets that pass over or aspect a natal planet or cross a natal house.

Other Words for Transit

Transit Verb Synonyms: moving, movement, travel, travelling, motion, passing, progress, progression, transition, passage, traverse, traversal, traversing
Transit Noun Synonyms: transport, transportation, carriage, haulage, cartage, conveyance, transfer, transference, transferral, transmittal


Entertainment / Literature / Intransitive: An intransitive verb is a verb that does not have a direct object (and often one that by its very nature cannot take such an object at all). See discussion under transitive. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Transitive: This term refers to a verb or a verbal phrase that contains or can take a direct object, which contrasts with an intransitive verb, i.e., one that cannot take a direct object. For example, hit is a tr MORE

Transitus Mundi

Entertainment / Literature / Transitus Mundi: The theme of life's ephemeral or transient nature, especially when that thematic exploration ends by suggesting humanity should reject the world or turn its attention away from mundane life and retrea MORE

Transition Metal

Science / Chemistry / Transition Metal: An element with an incomplete d subshell. Elements which have common cations with incomplete d subshells are also considered transition metals. Elements with incomplete f subshells are sometimes calle MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Transition: When a team goes from offense to defense or defense to offense as the ball moves quickly upcourt. MORE

Transitional Benefits-Plans

Health / Dentistry / Transitional Benefits-Plans: When an employer changes insurance carriers, transition plans enable participants already in treatment to transition to an in-network health provider. It gives the patient and their current provider a MORE