Science / Astrology / Trine: The third harmonic, 120°; the most influential major easy aspect. The trine blends planetary energies, harmoniously indicating ease of expression.

Grand Trine

Science / Astrology / Grand Trine: The aspect pattern formed when three planets, each in a different sign of the same triplicity (air, earth, fire or water), trine each other. A grand trine permits smooth flow of energies among the pla MORE

Act Of State Doctrine

Business / Finance / Act Of State Doctrine: This doctrine says that a nation is sovereign within its own borders, and its domestic actions may not be questioned in the courts of another nation. MORE

Doctrine Of The Affections

Entertainment / Music / Doctrine Of The Affections: Baroque doctrine of the union of text and music. MORE

Doctrine Of Prior Appropriation

Business / Agriculture / Doctrine Of Prior Appropriation: Water rights doctrine adopted by most western states, giving the first person to use water from a stream the first right to such water. If the first user does not consume all of the water, then the se MORE

Petrine Doctrine

Entertainment / Literature / Petrine Doctrine: Roman Catholics (and pretty much all medieval Christians in western Europe) have traditionally believed the Petrine doctrine. The Petrine doctrine is the belief that Saint Peter was given special auth MORE

Parens Patriae Doctrine

Life Style / Adoption / Parens Patriae Doctrine : Originating in feudal England, a doctrine that vests in the state a right of guardianship of minors. This concept has gradually evolved into the principle that the community, in addition to the parent MORE