Tropical Signs

Science / Astrology / Tropical Signs: Cancer and Capricorn; so-called because they occupy parts of the ecliptic where the Sun reaches its farthest point north (Tropic of Cancer) and south (Tropic of Capricorn). The Sun's ingress into these signs marks the summer and winter solstices respectively. See also solstice.

Subtropical Air

Science / Weather / Subtropical Air: An air mass that forms over the subtropical region. The air is typically warm with a high moisture content due to the low evaporative process. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Subtropical: Refers to the portion of the temperate zone closest to the equator MORE

Subtropical Jet

Science / Weather / Subtropical Jet: Marked by a concentration of isotherms and vertical shear, this jet is the boundary between the subtropical air and the tropical air. It is found approximately between 25° and 35° North latitude and MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Tropical: Being within the latitudinal zone bounded by the two tropics (23º 27' north and south latitude) MORE

Tropical Air Mass

Science / Weather / Tropical Air Mass: An air mass that forms in the tropics or subtropics over the low latitudes. Maritime tropical air is produced over oceans and is warm and humid, while continental tropical air is formed over arid regi MORE

Signs Of Performance

Technology / Television (TV) / Signs Of Performance: The actor's facial, gestural, corporeal and vocal signifiers that contribute to the development of character. MORE