Via Combusta

Science / Astrology / Via Combusta: Literally fiery way; refers to a section of fixed stars that falls between 15° Libra and 15° Scorpio. Used primarily in horary astrology as an indication of unfortunate or ineffectual situations.

Relative Standard Deviation

Science / Chemistry / Relative Standard Deviation: The relative standard deviation is a measure of precision, calculated by dividing the standard deviation for a series of measurements by the average measurement. MORE

Pavolovian Conditioning

Science / Psychiatry / Pavolovian Conditioning: Elicitation of a response by a stimulus that normally does not elicit that response. The response is one that is mediated primarily by the autonomic nervous system (such as salivation or a change in h MORE

Normal Deviate

Business / Finance / Normal Deviate: Related: Standardized value MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Moravia: Has synonym names Brujidera, Crujidera, Moravia Agria, Moravia Dulce and Trujidera. Productive, formerly rare, variety that yields juice generously with big, compact clusters of fruit. Used to produce MORE

Standard Deviation

Science / Chemistry / Standard Deviation: The standard deviation is a statistical measure of precision. The best estimate of the standard deviation s for small data sets is calculated using formula for standard deviation where xi is the measu MORE

Stevia Herb (Stevia rebaudiana)

Health / Herbs / Stevia Herb (Stevia rebaudiana): Digestion, herb has very sweet taste. MORE