Science / Astrology / Waxing: The phase of the lunation cycle from new Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) to full (Sun/Moon opposition) during which the Moon appears to grow larger, increasing in light.

Five-Element Shiatsu

Health / Massage / Five-Element Shiatsu: This technique is based on classical Chinese medicine’s law of the five elements. The five-element system views the human body as a microcosm of the universe with the tides of energy and emotions wa MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Euphuism: Not to be confused with euphemism, above, euphuism is a highly ornate style of writing popularized by John Lyly's Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit (1578). The style is sententious, relies heavily on balanc MORE


Science / Astrology / Phase: Any of the stages of variation in appearance or illumination of a planet; used most commonly to describe the various stages in the Moon's cycle. See also lunation cycle, waning phase, waxing phase. MORE

New Moon

Science / Astrology / New Moon: Lunation; the beginning of a lunation cycle and of the waxing phase. Moon conjunct Sun. MORE

Increasing Light

Science / Astrology / Increasing Light: Term applied to the waxing Moon as it moves from the position of new Moon to full Moon and the visible portion grows larger. MORE