Science / Biology / Absorption: The process by which the products of digestion are transferred into the bodys internal environment, enabling them to reach the cells.

Absorption Spectrum

Science / Chemistry / Absorption Spectrum: A plot that shows how much radiation a substance absorbs at different wavelengths. Absorption spectra are unique for each element and compound and they are often used as chemical 'fingerprints' in ana MORE

Absorption Rate

Business / Real Estate / Absorption Rate: The total number of vacant square feet of office space divided by the square footage leased per year historically. Used to analyze demand of office space in a given market area. MORE

Absorption Spectroscopy

Science / Chemistry / Absorption Spectroscopy: A technique for determining the concentration and structure of a substance by measuring the amound of electromagnetic radiation the sample absorbs at various wavelengths. MORE

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

Technology / Cell Phones / Specific Absorption Rate (SAR): A measure of the rate at which RF energy is absorbed by the body. MORE


Science / Biology / Reabsorption: The return to the blood of most of the water, sodium, amino acids, and sugar that were removed during filtration; occurs mainly in the proximal tubule of the nephron. MORE

CE Armor

Technology / Motorcycle / CE Armor: A European system of grading motorcycle protective armor that encompasses both energy absorption capability as well as pad shape and size. The armor or pads are designed to offer added protection to a MORE