Acetyl Coa

Science / Biology / Acetyl Coa: An intermediate compound formed during the breakdown of glucose by adding a two-carbon fragment to a carrier molecule (Coenzyme A or CoA).

Gulf Coast Low Water Datum (GCL WD)

Science / Tides and Currents / Gulf Coast Low Water Datum (GCL WD): A tidal datum. Used as chart datum from November 14, 1977, to November 27, 1980, for the coastal waters of the Gulf coast of the United States. GCLWD is defined as mean lower low water when the type o MORE

Ground Coat

Life Style / Painting / Ground Coat: The base coat in an antiquing system that is applied before the graining colors, glazing or other finish coat. MORE

Finish Coat

Life Style / Painting / Finish Coat: Last coat of paint or other finish. MORE

Gulf Coast Low Water Datum Line

Science / Tides and Currents / Gulf Coast Low Water Datum Line: The line on a chart or map which represents the intersection of the land with the water surface at the elevation of Gulf Coast Low Water Datum. MORE

Intercoat Adhesion

Life Style / Painting / Intercoat Adhesion: The adhesion between two coats of paint. MORE

Lens Coating

Entertainment / Photography / Lens Coating: Layer or multiple layers of thin anti-reflective materials applied to the surface of lens elements to reduce light reflection and increase the amount of transmitted light. MORE