Science / Biology / Adaptation: Tendency of an organism to suit its environment; one of the major points of Charles Darwins theory of evolution by natural selection: organisms adapt to their environment. Those organisms best adapted will have a greater chance of surviving and passing their genes on to the next generation.

Other Words for Adaptation

Adaptation Noun Synonyms: fitting, suiting, modifying, adjusting, conversion

Social Adaptation

Science / Psychiatry / Social Adaptation: The ability to live and express oneself according to societys restrictions and cultural demands. MORE

Bohr Effect

Science / Marine Biology / Bohr Effect: When blood ph decreases, the ability of hemoglobin to bind to oxygen decreases. An adaptation to release oxygen in the oxygen starved tissues in capillaries where respiratory carbon dioxide lowers blo MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Sprachbund: (Ger. 'speech bond'): A group of languages--often technically unrelated to each other otherwise--that are spoken in the same geographic area or shared by members of the same occupation. Since they ten MORE

Carbro Process

Entertainment / Photography / Carbro Process: Early color print process using an adaptation of the carbon printing process. MORE

Taijiquan (Taaigikkyun)

Health / Tai Chi / Taijiquan (Taaigikkyun): Ji: the ultimate The key to the term's meaning is the derivation of the central character Ji (Gik,) shown at right. It's contemporary dictionary translation is 'ultimate' or 'extremity.' Initially it MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Lindley: Result of a Carter x Chasselas Blanc (ie. White Chasselas) cross. Has synonym name Rogers 9. Regarded as the best of the red-skinned grapes originated by Rogers although defective in being self-steril MORE